14ft Vermont Dory


Known for its outstanding versatile design providing both an excellent rowing boat and an excellent sailing boat.

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Our Vermont Dory, brought to you by Adirondack Guide Boat, is a beautifully-shaped Kevlar composite boat. The Vermont Dory is ideal for camp cruising, fishing, and long distance open water rowing. The unique design marries a sharp waterline with a wide flat keel, symmetrically concaved bilges and a hard chine. The result is a very stable boat with a huge 700-pound capacity. Yet you also have a responsive, fast, seaworthy boat that is very easy to row.

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  • LENGTH: 15 feet
  • BEAM: 38½ inches
  • WEIGHT: 70 pounds
  • CAPACITY: up to 550 pounds
  • All new boats include custom cherry oars as standard equipment.
Test Row:
  • $100 Flat Fee *if boat is purchased, this fee is reduced from final invoice*