Feral – O’Day Day Sailer


Feral a 19??’ O’Day, 17′ Daysailer swing keel is the iconic daysailer. Currently under restoration with Cove Dweller Boat Works, being offered for sale this coming spring. An ex Georgian Bay boat with a great finish that includes newly upholstered berth seats, fresh professional paint and nonskid decks, bumpers, lines, bilge pump, safety equipment, paddles, a  fire extinguisher, sails and hardware. The boat is powered by 2.3 horsepower, four stroke Yamaha outboard engine recently tuned and ready to go. A well cared for and kept piece of DaySailing history! Sitting atop a customized and nicely fitted single axle trailer.

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The O’Day Day Sailer is one of the most popular sailboats ever produced, with well over twelve thousand manufactured since 1959.  Even the marketing materials for the Day Sailer refer to it as “the boat that built a company”..

The parameters that George O’Day gave to designer Uffa Fox were for a swift, easily
sailed boat that could be built efficiently and at modest cost of low-maintenance materials.  He succeeded with flying colours. The DAYSAILER was a collaboration of Uffa Fox & George O’Day. Fox designed the hull, but the original cuddy was designed & molded by O’Day & his company. The DAY SAILER has been built by several builders and with a number of changes along the way but the basic hull design has remained the same. The DAY SAILER II was introduced in 1971 as an update to the original Day Sailer and featured positive foam flotation, two cockpit inspection/bailing ports and a self-bailing cockpit. A MKIII version was built from 1985-1990 (which is not considered class legal for one-design racing).
The DAYSAILER is still being built by Cape Cod Shipbuilding Company with improved self-rescuing features.

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  • Years produced: 1959 - Present
  • Number produced: 13000
  • Overall length: 16'9"
  • Waterline length: 16'Beam: 6'3"
  • Draft minimum: 7"
  • Draft maximum: 3'9"
  • Sail area: 145 sq. ft.
  • Recommended H.P. 3-7
  • Mast length: 24' 9"
  • Mast weight: 27 lb.
  • Boom length: 10' 4"
  • Boom weight: 10 lb.
  • C/B - Keel material: FB
  • C/B - Keel weight (approximate): 20 lb.
  • Rudder type: Kick up
  • Rudder material: FG
  • Seating: 5
  • Weight complete (approximate): 580 lb.
Sea Trial:
  • $395 Flat Fee *if boat is purchased, this fee is reduced from final invoice*